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  • Do you offer financing?
    We've partnered up with Afterpay so you can now pay better. Just ask you would like to use Afterpay when inquiring about a project. Afterpay allows you to pay for your project now then you can pay it in 4 interest-free installments. Disclaimer: afterpay is a third party financial product. Please check out their website for more information
  • What does your $125 minimum mean?
    It means we will charge $125 regardless of the size of the job. For example: If you call us to replace a kitchen faucet, charge will be $125. If you need light bulbs replaced, charge will be $125. Keep in mind we don't charge by the hour, always by the job. If you would like to get a quote, go to the contact us section and fill out the form for a quote. Thank you!
  • What areas of Arizona do you service?
    We service the following areas: Queen Creek San tan Valley Chandler Gilbert Mesa Apache junction Bigger jobs only: Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale
  • What is the fastest way to reach you?
    We're always busy, the fastest way to reach us is by texting us or through our website. We get many calls/voicemails and at this time, we're unable to get to all of them on a daily basis. Please keep this in mind when calling. We promise you we're not ignoring you, we're simply busy and unable to answer most calls. Texts are easier to organize and reply to.
  • Are you licensed?
    Ofcourse, we're licensed, bonded and insured.
  • Is this a veteran owned business?
    Yes it is!. This is why we take great pride in our work and your satisfaction is what matters most to us. Honesty and integrity are the core values we live by.
  • What forms of payments do you accept?
    We accept cash, card, check, venmo, gold, silver, bitcoin, guns, ammo, etc. Whatever you have, we take :) .
  • I keep calling, left voicemails and no answer!!!!"
    Unfortunately due to terrible cell phone reception and volume of calls we get, we're unable to answer or reply to all voicemails. We ask you to please send us a text message, contact us through this website instead. Or simply try calling again. Sorry. we're not a massive company with a call center.
  • I need a permit for a project, can you take care of it?"
    Ofcourse! depending on the project, we can pull permits if required. We can provide design services and even have the building plans engineered stamped.
  • Do you guarantee your work?
    Ofcourse! all our labor is guaranteed for up to 2 years from the time it was completed. Most other contractors only offer 30-90 days!. We give you 2 years!!!!. Keep in mind all our work is performed to code/industry standards and normally will last much longer than 2 years. This guarantee only applies to our labor/parts provided by us. Customer supplied material is not covered under this warranty.
  • Can I trust you around my home?
    I was a Staff Sergeant in the Army. Many times I was in charged of equipment worth millions of dollars. I was also a medic and have worked in an Emergency Room. During that time, I was also in charged of managing patient's records which contained all their private information. Why? because I could be trusted. Ofcourse you can trust me!. I have no need nor desire to do anything in your home than the project you need done.
  • Do you wear a mask/gloves?
    If requested by customer, yes.
  • I requested a quote and I haven't heard back?
    My deepest apologies. Please text me 4807881638 with your name and date you've requested a quote and I will make sure to reply back as soon as possible!.
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